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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Alfresco in-production installation on Windows

Some tips about an in-production installation of Alfresco Community Release on a Windows 2003 server, 64 bit
  • install a 64bit JVM
  • install MySql
  • download the Alfresco community edition (3.2r2 at the moment of writing), preconfigured Tomcat bundle version (available from the custom installs page):
    • delete the mysql folder under the root folder
    • modify the startup script deleting the MySql start and stop sections
  • download and install the Windows Server 2003 resource toolkit
  • create a srvany.exe windows service in order to get Alfresco running as a Windows Service
  • optional: migrate a dev Alfresco environment by copying the alf_data directory and exporting the alfresco db schema (IMPORTANT: after having stopped the Alfresco server on both the installations)
  • enable the CIFS file server, disabling the File and Printer Sharing for the local area network connection in use. Note that on win64x you may some issues related to the CIFS file server leading to a  100% CPU consumption.
  • use a script to take a daily backup (run as a scheduled activity), something like
    FOR /f "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=/ " %%a IN ('date /t') DO (
      SET FileDate=%%c-%%b-%%a

    echo executing backup in date %FileDate%

    echo off
    xcopy C:\alfresco-community-tomcat-3.2r2\alf_data\* C:\backup\Alfresco\%FileDate%\alf_data\ /E /Y
    mysqldump -uroot -proot alfresco > C:\backup\Alfresco\db_data\alfresco_db_data_%FileDate%.sql


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